Why are Your Teeth Yellow When You Brush Them Every Day?

Why are Your Teeth Yellow When You Brush Them Every Day?

Having bright and beautiful teeth is everyone’s dream. However, you may have noticed that your white teeth are starting to turn into yellow teeth over time. Yellow teeth occur when the teeth’ strong, thick white layers, known as enamel, dissolve over time due to regular wear. But don’t worry.

Getting rid of yellow teeth with a smile makeover and changing some habits is possible. Here is everything you need to know about why your teeth are yellow even when brushing them daily.

Natural Teeth Color Isn’t Printed

Natural teeth color doesn’t have to be white or whitish. Some factors, like the thickness of the enamel, aging, and oral hygiene habits, affect the color of your teeth. So, it is normal to have yellow teeth too.

Poor Hygiene

Poor oral hygiene causes many dental health issues. One of them is yellow teeth. Practicing oral hygiene is a must to have strong and white teeth. If you ignore your daily oral care, your teeth can be at risk of changing their color to yellow.

For good oral hygiene, brushing and flossing the teeth two times a day is recommended. Even by doing these two simple things, you can reduce the risk of experiencing yellow teeth.


The common causes of stains are consumption of certain foods and drinks. For instance, drinking coffee, wine, and tea frequently may lead to yellow teeth. For some drinks, you can use a straw because your teeth might not be affected too much while drinking with a straw. Also, foods like blueberries and sauces may cause yellow teeth. If you consider using these products, rinsing your mouth with water after consumption will help to reduce the damage.

Effects of Genetics 

Sometimes, you can still have yellow teeth even though you brush them two times a day, as it is recommended. Since genetics play an essential role in dental issues, you may have yellow teeth due to genetic reasons. The thickness of the tooth enamel can be inherited. That is why, if you are born with thin enamel, your teeth are more likely to be yellow over time. So, genetics can be the reason why you have yellow teeth.


There are many adverse health effects of smoking. The oral health problems that smokers experience are widespread. One of the problems is discoloration of the teeth. The chemicals in cigarettes, like nicotine, can cause teeth to discolor and turn yellow over time. That is why quitting smoking is essential to avoid yellow teeth.


You might wonder why your teeth are yellow even though you brush them regularly. Aging might be the underlying reason for your yellow teeth. Sometimes, discoloration of our teeth is out of our hands. As you age, the color of your teeth may change accordingly.

As you age, the tooth enamel begins to wear out, exposing the dentin inside the tooth. Normally, the color of the dentin is yellowish, and when tooth enamel begins to wear out over time, the dentin shows itself.


Some medications can affect the teeth as well. For instance, antibiotics like tetracycline and doxycycline may cause major side effects like tooth discoloration. Similarly, antihistamines for treating allergies may also lead to tooth discoloration and dry mouth.

A dry mouth can cause toxic substances to stay in your mouth and on your teeth. However, your mouth needs saliva to rinse away acids and bacteria, and they may lead to yellow teeth. You can ask your dentist or doctor to get more information about medication use.


Some diseases are the reasons behind yellow teeth. Such diseases are calcium deficiency, diabetes, and eating disorders. Also, certain treatments, such as chemotherapy and radiation, may lead to yellow teeth.

How to Treat and Prevent Yellow Teeth

Here is how to treat and prevent yellow teeth. There are some ways to treat yellow teeth. The first treatment is teeth whitening. Teeth whitening in Turkey can be done at home with several products or at a dental clinic for a better result.

To perform teeth whitening at home, some whitening kits are available. However, getting professional help is recommended for a better result. During teeth whitening at a dental clinic, the dentist applies hydrogen peroxide gel to the surfaces of stained teeth which makes the teeth look whiter and brighter. Another treatment method is dental veneer.

Custom dental veneers in Turkey cover the outer surface of teeth and help to hide the yellow teeth. Keep in mind that for better treatment, you can schedule a dental visit and get help from the dentists.

In some cases, yellow teeth might be unrestrainable. However, in other cases, there are some tips to prevent yellow teeth as well. It is possible to avoid yellow teeth by changing some habits. The first thing to do to prevent yellow teeth is to maintain good oral hygiene.

Brushing at least two times a day for almost two minutes will help you to prevent yellow teeth. Brushing is especially crucial after consuming foods or drinks that can cause discoloration, such as tea, coffee, wine, fruit juice, and berry.

To prevent staining, brush your teeth or rinse your mouth after consuming these products. As said above, limiting the consumption of several drinks, such as coffee and tea, which cause yellow teeth, may also help to prevent this problem.

Similarly, limiting the consuming some acidic and sugary drinks and foods can help you to prevent yellow teeth. Such drinks and foods damage the enamel on your teeth, exposing the yellow layer underneath.

Besides avoiding harmful drinks and foods, quitting smoking is essential to prevent teeth from staining or yellowing. Moreover, scheduling dental check-ups twice a year can also help avoid yellow teeth. If you notice your teeth are starting to change color, you may get help from dentists.

They can detect problems in advance and suggest you the best treatment possible. Here at Smile Team Turkey, we can offer you solutions for your yellow teeth. Our professional dentists can help you with possible treatments such as teeth whitening or smile makeovers and make your smile beautiful and healthy just as before.

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