Viktoriia "Vita" Moskalova

Viktroiia "Vita" Moskalova

Viktoriia Moskalova, a visionary in the world of dental tourism, is the founder of Smile Team, a clinic renowned for catering to international patients since 2018. Born in Kharkiv in 1986, Viktoriia’s journey to becoming a trailblazer in dental healthcare began with her academic pursuit in Business Administration, followed by a master’s in Finance. Her move to Antalya over ten years ago marked a new chapter in her life, both personally and professionally.

Viktoriia’s entrepreneurial spirit was ignited by an insightful realization: dental care in Turkey was significantly more affordable than in the UK and other countries – often 2-3 times cheaper. This gap presented a unique opportunity. Viktoriia envisioned a dental clinic that not only offered quality care but also catered specifically to the needs of international patients seeking cost-effective dental solutions. Thus, Smile Team was born.

Under Viktoriia’s leadership, Smile Team quickly became a beacon of hope for thousands seeking their dream smile. Her commitment to excellence in service and patient care set new standards in the industry. The clinic’s success story is a testament to Viktoriia’s innovative approach and her dedication to making quality dental care accessible to a global clientele.

Balancing her professional success, Viktoriia is a devoted wife and mother of two boys. Her life in Antalya is a blend of her professional endeavors and a fulfilling family life. Viktoriia’s story is not just about her professional milestones; it’s about her passion for making a difference in people’s lives through affordable and accessible dental care.

As Smile Team continues to grow and impact the field of dental tourism, Viktoriia remains at the forefront, constantly exploring ways to enhance patient experience and service quality. Her vision for the future of dental tourism is not just about expansion but about setting new benchmarks in patient care and satisfaction.

In Viktoriia’s words, “Smile Team is more than a dental clinic; it’s a place where dreams and smiles come to life. Our commitment to our patients goes beyond dental care; it’s about creating lasting relationships and positive experiences.”

Viktoriia Moskalova’s journey with Smile Team is a remarkable example of how a simple yet powerful idea can revolutionize an industry and bring smiles to thousands across the globe.

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