Teeth Whitening TurKey: All You Need To Know About the Treatment

Teeth whitening Turkey


Is having a brighter and whiter tooth on your bucket list? Teeth whitening treatment can fulfill your dreams! There is a variety of easy to use options readily available at the drugstores, but are these of any use? Well, using them for a long time may end up staining your teeth. But, that’s not the case with the teeth whitening treatment.

With the help of this treatment, you can get rid of stained and discolored formations on teeth. When it comes to teeth, there are many factors to look onto. We have highlighted the list for a few factors that will help clear all your doubts about the teeth whitening procedure. Keep reading to explore.

Professional RESULTS IN Teeth Whitening Turkey

We see people struggling from teeth discoloration and how hard they find to get rid of this problem. Teeth whitening is a perfect solution for all those who want to change the colour of natural teeth and decayed teeth. The whole process is a safe way to whiten teeth and get back your beautiful smile.

Turkey is a well-known hotspot for advanced and affordable dental procedures. Having said that, the dentists here selected after an in-depth selection process.

When it comes to choosing location for professional teeth whitening Turkey is a good option. It means you are sure to get certified and experienced dental treatment with Smile Team Turkey.

What Are The Causes Of Discoloration Of The Teeth?

Teeth discoloration can occur due to long-term consumption of food and structural imperfections. Foods like – tea, food, tobacco, and coffee are the major substances that trigger the extrinsic teeth discoloration. Some people also have intrinsic discoloration that affects the teeth from within. This includes – tooth infection, childhood illness, trauma, and aging. When the saints get in the teeth structure, it cannot be removed simply by brushing; it has to go through clinical procedures like – teeth whitening.

Who Needs Professional Teeth Whitening?

The yellowing of teeth is natural. While some have mild discoloration, others face severe yellowing. These can be dues to bad dental hygiene and beverages that stain the teeth. Not just that, some people get teeth yellowing due to factors like – taking certain medications, nerve damage of teeth, old-age, genetics, and more. So, teeth whitening won’t work on everyone, the dentist will analyze your situation and help accordingly. Getting teeth whitening will help you get the pearly smile you always wanted. Get free quote for affordable Teeth Whitening Turkey options.

Benefits of Professional Teeth Whitening

Searching for reasons why you should get teeth whitening in Turkey? We will give you reasons.

  • Reasonable rates
  • World-class technology used at clinics.
  • Attractive dental travel packages.
  • Quality standards and invasive dental procedures
  • Enhances your appearance and self-confidence

Don’t forget to check before and after the procedure pictures of our clients.

Possible Risks and Complications of Teeth Whitening

Overall the teeth whitening process is pretty much simple and risk-free. There may be some temporary side-effects, but those are common and won’t last for long. Other possible risks and complications of teeth whitening procedures are listed below.

Gum Irritation:

For laser teeth whitening Turkey located clinics use light bleaching get to whiten the teeth. Still, some patients may feel gum irritation if the gums are not well-placed. Irritation may leave after some time; else, the dentist will prescribe you with medications.


Some patients often face increased sensitivity levels after the treatment. The teeth may feel sensitive to hot and cold beverages. This too disappears in a few days. In severe cases, you may contact the dentist in turkey.

Gum Inflammation:

Sometimes gum swelling or inflammation can occur in patients. Doctors usually recommend anti-inflammation medicines before the procedure.

Do Teeth Whitening Have Any Side Effects?

The teeth’s whitening is a safe and harmless treatment. The teeth whitening in Antalya is done using less than 10% bleaching a solution which is mild for the teeth. Some patients may feel sensitivity issues, but these don’t last forever. The dentists recommend some dental products that you must use after getting the treatment. Overall, no harm!

How Long Does Teeth Whitening Last?

Well, the effect of the teeth whitening process may differ from one person to another.  Usually, it lasts for around 6 months to 2 years. It may also last beyond this duration if not taken care of properly. You must avoid eating foods that cause discoloration and get yourself checked after some duration. Also, use only the products recommended by your dentist.

How Much Professional Teeth Whitening Does Cost?

The teeth whitening prices may vary in each clinic. As we all know the dental treatments are pretty expensive, Turkey is a viable option to get it done. You can opt for dental travels to Turkey to enjoy your vacations while getting the treatment at a reasonable price.

The teeth whitening cost in Turkey starts from £200 and beyond. You can chech our dental price list.

As long as the person sticks to dentist-approved methods, teeth whitening are a safe process. Get in touch with Smile Team Turkey top professionals for teeth whitening in Antalya, Turkey and say goodbye to discolored teeth forever.

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