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Hide Your Dental Flaws with Dental Bridges in TURKEY

If missing or damaged teeth is your issue, then it’s time to get dental bridges! It is a common term in the field of cosmetic dentistry. And, why not? All the reasons for its popularity are quite justified. Now, you must be curious to know everything about the treatment. In this blog, we will read about the treatment solutions for dental bridges in Turkey. Let’s read the details.

What are Dental Bridges?

Dental bridges are the permanent restoration that replaces the missing teeth in your mouth. In general terms, the treatment helps to bridge the gap between one or more missing teeth. But, in critical conditions, the dentist may also place multiple bridges to provide a full-mouth restoration. This cosmetic treatment can support your teeth structure and helps to improve your overall smile.

Why is a Dental Bridge Necessary?

We all know how much damage a tooth decay can have on us. Poor mouth hygiene can go to a great extent, and in such cases dental bridges are necessary. It helps to protect you against tooth decay and give you a healthy smile back.

Our dentist usually recommends regular flossing and brushing. But, does that remove all the bacteria and plaque? Well, no! The dental bridges help to remove all the bacteria that are stuck on the surfaces that are hard to reach. Not just that, if you plan on getting dental bridges in Turkey, then you can get the treatment at reasonable rates.

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Benefits of Dental Bridges in Turkey

• The procedure is quick and does not involve invasive surgery.
• Improves your smile aesthetically.
• Dental bridges help to prevent facial sagging that is quite a common symptom of missing teeth.
• The treatment minimizes the risk of jawbone losing density.
• Getting dental bridges in Antalya is affordable.

Implant and Non-Implant Dental Bridges in Turkey

The dental bridges are categorized into two types majorly known as the Teeth Supported and Implants Supported. Well, the dental bridges cannot support solely, it will need an anchor. Some require the teeth on sides while others require dental implants.

The implants can help to form an artificial tooth. In case of more teeth missing, dentists recommend treatments like – All-on-4 procedures that are the combination of both dental bridges and dental implants. The treatment helps to create an arc in your mouth and covers all the bridges, thereby leaving you with a stunning smile.

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Different Types of Dental Bridges in Turkey

There are 4 major types of dental bridges. Let’s know about all. Our clinic offers all the solutions for dental bridges in Turkey.

Traditional Bridges

It is one of the most common and standard types of dental bridges that are made of either porcelain or ceramics fused on metal. Here, the bridge is created using the crown or implants.

Cantilever Bridges

This type of dental bridge requires only one tooth as an anchor. The cantilever is cemented using a natural tooth by a gap. It is commonly used to treat narrow gaps.

Maryland Dental Bridges

These are the resin-bonded bridges that are made up of porcelain fused to metal or plastic teeth that are supported by metal or plastic framework. It is supported by two natural teeth on either side.

Implant-Based Dental Bridges

This type of dental bridge is supported by dental implants. These are ideal for patients who have at least three teeth missing in a row.

F.A.Q. About Dental Bridge in Turkey

Are Bridges Expensive?

No, dental bridges are an affordable tooth replacement option. The cost of dental bridges may vary on the type of dental bridges and the location. While some countries offer dental treatments at expensive rates, countries like Turkey offers dental treatments by the best dentist in Turkey at affordable prices. Therefore treatment solutions for dental bridges in Turkey become a top choice.

Dental Bridge Costs in Turkey

The cost of Dental Bridges in Turkey is much lower than in other countries. Turkey carries out the highest rated dental facilities with certified dentists on the job. So, if Turkey was not on your mind, then you are missing your best dental experience. It’s time to rethink about having your treatment for dental bridges in Turkey!

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