Turkey Teeth treatments Offered By the Smile Team

Dental Implants are used when the root of a tooth cannot be replaced using other dental treatments. They help in allowing the teeth to function again.

Smile Makeover is a combination of various dental treatments to give patients the kind of smile they are looking for.

Dental veneers are thin white sheets that cover the original teeth and give the person a bright and pleasing smile. Veneers are customized for each patient.

Dental Crowns are cosmetic dental products that take up the role of the enamel of the teeth.

All-on-4 Implants

All on implants are a cost-effective way of providing full mouth restorations for patients with no teeth. It is one of the best dental treatments in Turkey.

Dental Bridges

Dental Bridges are used to fill the gap between two teeth and provide a uniform look.

Cosmetic Dentures

Different types of dentures are fitted based on the condition of the patients. There is no need to fear cosmetic dentures.

Root Canal Treatment

Endodontic Therapy (Root Canal treatment) removes infection in the roots of the teeth.

Tooth Extraction

Infected or damaged teeth have to be removed to avoid future complications.

Inlays and Inlays

Similar to dental fillings, these are used to replace the old filling or chipped parts of a tooth.

Gum Contouring

Also known as gum shaping, this dental surgery fixed uneven gum lines.

Sinus Lifting

Sinus augmentation affects the upper jaw and is performed by Oral Surgeons.

Scaling and Polishing

Removes the debris stuck around the teeth and prevents infections or cavities.

Dental Filling

White fillings are used to fill the cavity created by infected teeth.

Get pearly and shiny white teeth with professional teeth whitening treatments?

Turkey Teeth Treatments Costs & Other Treatments

Are you dealing with dental problems? Or are you the one who has given up on oral health, because you think dental treatments are expensive?

Well, we Smile Team Turkey offer you the best dental treatments at the best price which will not hurt your pockets. That is why people love to visit Turkey for dental tours!

Yes, Turkey Teeth Treatments are quite affordable. Not because we do not provide you the premium quality services but because the cost of living and payment of workers is not so high here and therefore, we are able to provide you the best service at a lesser price, without compromising the quality of the material.

Our experienced dentists are devoted to providing you the warmest experience ever. And our friendly team of dentists listens to your needs carefully and works accordingly to give you the aesthetic and pleasant smile of your dreams.

People are often confused about their dental health needs due to less knowledge of treatments available. Here in this article, we will try to provide you the short guide of treatments available at our dental clinic in Turkey.

How we work?

Smile Team Turkey uses the latest dental technologies available in the industry. Our treatments are the same for local and foreign patients. Our 3D teeth scan and computed tomography, we make sure that your problem is rightly diagnosed and treated. 

We offer the best dental treatments coupled with the vibrant beaches, colorful nightlife, and ancient structures. Your trip doesn’t have to be about a toothache of dental treatment alone. Visit the famous locations in Antalya, spend quality time with our loved one, and return with a beautiful smile.

Specialists Dental Surgeons

Smile Team Turkey never compromises on the quality of the treatment. A dental technician or general dentist does not perform complex dental surgeries. Surgeries such as bone grafting, smile makeover, placing implants, and sinus lifting require additional skill and experience.

Our dental treatments is provided by specialists who have immense experience in the field. Each role is clearly defined, and the technicians or doctors are carefully selected for the role. We value their skills and expertise. We make sure that their talent helps the patients in the best possible way.

Patients Are Our Priority

We plan our dental appointments with maximum care. Our patients do not have to wait on the day of the appointment. The session will begin at the time mentioned. There will be no interruptions or disruptions during the sessions.

Patients vouch for our treatments. Most of them have said that we provide better treatments compared to the best dental practice, that too for affordable prices.

At Smile Team Turkey we use only FDA approved dental products. Our standards surpass the treatments of dental care clinic. We do not substitute local-made or sub-quality products to reduce the price. Using sub dental products could result in future dental complications and cause pain to the patients. We will never let it happen to our patients.

Forget about dental treatment. Plan a trip to Turkey Teeth and combine treatment with pleasure. We can handle the accommodations for our patients. Give us the specifications, and we will arrange the trip as per the requirements of the patient. If you are looking for a reliable and cost-effective way to improve your oral health, you should consider Turkey Teeth Treatments. Smile Team Turkey will help at every stage.

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