The Pros and Cons of Dental Implants vs. Crowns

The Pros and Cons of Dental Implants vs. Crowns

If you have severely damaged or missing teeth, you might want to get them treated. However, when it comes to dental treatments, there are many different options. The two treatment options are dental implants vs. crowns. This article discusses dental implants vs. crowns in detail.

Dental Implants: A Comprehensive Solution for Tooth Replacement 

Dental implants are custom-made artificial teeth that are surgically placed into the jaw. Dental implants are the permanent dental treatment for people who lost their teeth due to dental problems. Implants that are made of titanium and function as the teeth’ missing root are placed via surgery into the jawbone during this dental treatment.

Living with missing teeth can affect people’s appearance and ability to eat or speak. That is why replacing the missing teeth with dental implants can be the best solution for you. Thus, you can reduce the risk of potential problems that are caused by missing teeth as well.

Pros of Dental Implants 

Dental implants have some advantages. The first advantage of dental implants is jaw bone preservation. After you lose your tooth, jaw bone loss starts, and dental implants prevent this. Lack of stimulation in that area causes the jaw bone to degenerate. Another advantage of dental implants is that they are a long-term solution.

With good oral care, dental implants are made to last for decades. Also, dental implants give a natural look. They look like your natural teeth. In addition to a natural look, they give a natural feel as well. Dental implants function like your natural teeth. Thus, you can feel comfortable while eating or speaking. Moreover, dental implants help to prevent facial sagging. Bone loss from the jaw causes bone shrinkage and weakening, leading to facial sagging.

Cons of Dental Implants 

Dental implants have disadvantages as well. The first disadvantage of dental implants is the healing time. Both the process of dental implants and they can take a long time to heal. After a tooth extraction, you may need to wait some time for that area to heal. Then, after the implant is placed, you need to wait some time for the final result. After that, the healing period starts, and you need to wait for that area to fully heal before the abutment and crown fitting. This long period of time can be tiring for some people.

Crowns: A Versatile Option for Dental Restoration

Crowns are one of the dental restorations that help treat and restore damaged, broken or decayed teeth. Being one of the dental restoration techniques, crowns are custom-made and come in different types such as ceramic, metal, and porcelain.

Pros of Crowns 

The first advantage of crowns is that they are budget-friendly. When compared to dental implants and other dental treatments, crowns cost less. In addition, they improve appearance. If you hide your smile caused by dental problems, crowns may help you smile confidently. Besides, they help restore damaged teeth.

When a tooth becomes weak and severely damaged, if treatment is not delayed, the dentist can save the tooth with a crown instead of extracting it. Also, the procedure takes less time. To get crowns, you need to visit the dentist once or twice.

Cons of Crowns

There are some disadvantages to crowns. First of all, they are not a life-long solution. With good oral care, they are about to last more than ten years but sometimes they may crack and need to be replaced. In addition, you may feel tooth sensitivity and discomfort because of crowns, especially after their placement.

You may be sensitive to hot or cold drinks and foods. Another disadvantage of crowns is that they may become loose or fall off over time. When they become loose, the remaining tooth under the crown may start to decay. Also, if the crown is not fitted perfectly, it may fall off.

Comparing Dental Implants and Crowns: Factors to Consider

After learning the pros and cons of dental implants vs. crowns, you may still be undecided. For more clarification, here are some factors to consider before getting dental implants vs crowns. However, for more information about dental implants vs. crowns, you can check out Smile Team Turkey’s website or contact us.

Suitability for Your Dental Condition 

You may want to get dental implants vs crowns but are they suitable for you? For instance, dental implants require surgery and that is why they are not suitable for everybody. In most cases, people who have healthy gums and jaw, and can undergo oral surgery can get dental implants.

Crowns, similarly, may not be appropriate for some people. They are not appropriate for those who have poor tooth structures or gums. Consult a dentist for more information on whether dental implants or crowns are right for you.

Cost and Insurance Coverage 

The cost and insurance coverage of dental implants vs. crowns can be confusing. The right answer to this depends on what dental treatment you get and what insurance you have. For instance, since they are considered as cosmetic procedure, many insurance companies do not cover dental implants. Thus, dental implants may cost more. On the other hand, many insurance companies cover a good number of crowns. Thus, they can be more affordable for many people.

Durability and Maintenance 

When it comes to durability and maintenance, dental implants last longer than crowns. Keep in mind that, whether you get dental implants vs. crowns, you need to take good care of them to increase their lifespan.

Aesthetic Considerations

How dental implants vs. crowns function is the most important thing to consider, but it is okay to have aesthetic considerations about them as well. You may want dental implants or crowns to look like your natural teeth. Fortunately, they tend to look like your natural teeth.

You can safely get all oral care services from Smile Team’s specialist dentists. You can prefer our clinic and have dental implant treatment in Turkey.

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