Dental Bridge vs Implant – What’s the Best Option to Choose?

Dental Bridge vs Implant
Dental Bridge vs Implant

Adult tooth loss can happen due to a number of reasons. Your tooth might have damage that is beyond recovery due to physical traumas or a variety of oral diseases including gums. Sometimes these unfortunate cases result in losing one tooth or more. Thanks to today’s advanced dental technologies, your dentist will suggest replacement teeth solutions in these cases.

Implants and bridges are at the top of the list when it comes to replacements. Their unique advantages and disadvantages vary, depending on each individual’s unique conditions. So here the question to ask your dentist is “What is the difference between a dental bridge vs implant?”. There are some factors to take into consideration before choosing the right treatment option for you, with the help of our professional dental team.

Dental Bridge vs Implant MAIN HIGHLIGHTS

Dental bridges belong to a less advanced period of dental technologies. However, do not let this mislead you – they can still be useful in certain cases.

For example, if you have a missing or failing tooth that cannot be saved, and the neighboring teeth’s condition does not look very promising either, then dental bridges might be a good fit. What does that mean? If the adjacent teeth have had some past issues and maybe large fillings due to that, there is a high chance their mass texture will weaken over time and might need support in the future. A dental bridge will address more than a single problematic issue in such a case.

However, dental implants are cutting-edge dental solutions for one or more missing teeth. Especially when it is a single tooth you need a replacement for, then implants are the best solutions available. They are the most natural-looking tooth prostheses today, with the highest durability compared to other materials.

Prom?nent features to compare

There are a few areas where dental bridge vs implant features diverge significantly. The most prominent one is, without a doubt, the costs. However, keep in mind that you pay different amounts for different functional solutions. Let’s have a look at the 5 aspects to make a comparison between dental bridge vs implant.

Dental Bridge vs Implant Costs

An implant might look like an expensive solution initially. Yet, once taken care of decently, a dental implant is a life-long cure and the best available tooth replacement. Wouldn’t you consider investing in a relatively bigger amount if the result were to last you for good? In most of the tooth loss cases, the results ensure it’s worth it.

For dental bridges, the costs might be tempting in the first place. But one thing to keep in mind if you plan to have a dental bridge is that its maintenance takes a bit more effort than an implant. You may even need to replace it in some years. Also, with dental bridges, you become more prone to gum diseases – we will get to this subject.

Ease of Maintenance

As mentioned above, dental bridges require more work than dental implants do. Bridges, due to their layered construct, are harder to maintain. Since the bridge is mounted on top of neighboring teeth, this means there will be many intersecting faces and connected crowns. Intersecting faces means surfaces that touch, which implies more spots to get exposed to prospective diseases. Interface cleaning is crucial since food leftovers can cause infections. The infection can build up and lead to major dental problems.

When it comes to multiple crowns “fixed” together, this brings about the challenge of brushing and flossing. You should be extra careful with your oral hygiene, both at home and in professional oral care.

On the other hand, a dental implant acts as a single tooth. Therefore adding a special interface toothbrush, or an interdental brush in other words, to your daily oral routine, is enough. Still, don’t forget the annual dentist checks by the way!

Ease of Implementation

Frankly, dental implant treatment takes some months, but for a life-long cure, a few months should not really matter. Here’s an overview of how implants work, so you will know about the main 4 steps for having your picture-perfect and functional tooth replacement. You might also be worried about the surgery that is necessary for implants, however, it’s not as big as how it sounds. Actually, it’s a procedure that lasts less than an hour. You’ll be comfortable and fine at the skilled hands of our surgeons!

Getting dental bridges are a much quicker process, that is about a few weeks. Consistently, they are less durable, and we’ll get there too. One negative aspect here, though, is that you need to have your existing teeth cut in order to make a base for the bridge to be mounted on. Sometimes these teeth are healthy, so the idea is not appealing for some.


A dental bridge, if sustained decently and carefully, last at least a minimum of 5 years. It can last up to 10 years if the oral condition and oral habits of the patient are enabling.

For dental implants, their durability feature is the prominent factor that made them earn their place as the most advanced tooth replacement option. An implant’s core is made of strong metals, most commonly titanium, which enables a life-long service. When titanium fuses with the jawbone through osseointegration, that is a natural process, it creates an extremely solid base for the abutment part. The nature of this material is also resistant to decaying and other oral problems.

Dental bridge vs implant comparison is not even in question, when it comes to durability.


Natural-looks of a finished implant work is another great feature of dental implants. You will have the result that will match with your natural enamel.

The success of implants also depends on the way they are constructed: Since the 3-part structure of it imitates that of a natural tooth, the levels of the crowns in your teeth set are even.

With dental bridges, there are remnants of your teeth under the bridge, and this might create an uneven look within time.

Dental ?mplant treatment BY sm?le team turkey

Dental bridge vs implant – What is the specialist opinion in Smile Team Turkey clinic? Regarding the long term performance, dental implants are worth the time and budget you invest in them.

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