7 Foods That Can Damage Your Teeth

Foods That Can Damage Your Teeth

Tough as they may be, our teeth still aren’t indestructible. After all, they are used for grinding things down. In the meantime, they are slowly worn down by the process. That’s why proper oral hygiene and dental care are critical. Some foods are tougher on the teeth than others too. So, let us take a look at some foods that can damage your teeth.


It is no secret that alcohol is generally harmful to your health for the most part. With that being said, alcohol has some specific effects on oral health. The effects should be considered for all; teeth, gums, and oral cavities when it comes to mouth and dental health.

Tooth decaying from liqueur chocolate is not as unlikely as getting drunk on liquor. These types of drinks and food can damage your teeth.

Alcohol use beyond average limits can cause dehydration and dry mouth. As a result of dehydration, the lack of saliva to regulate the bacterial flora leads to plaque buildup.

Studies show that alcohol facilitates the absorption of cancer-causing chemicals found in tobacco. In other words, excessive alcohol consumption can lead to bad results, up to oral cancer.

Carbonated Drinks

Relation between acidic drinks and oral health has long been a known quantity. Consumption of beverages is among the leading causes of tooth decay. Studies have shown that the high sugar and acidic content in carbonated drinks increase tooth erosion and decay risks. On that account, some drinks should be avoided as much as the foods can damage your teeth.

A particularly vulnerable demographic is pre-adolescent children. While they already have their permanent teeth emerge, the teeth enamel still isn’t fully developed. Thus, it is porous, and damage from regular consumption of these drinks will seep into the teeth, damaging even the pulp in the long run.

Sources of Added Sugar

Sugar-rich foods are a huge attraction for bacteria that cause a range of dental and gum illnesses. These bacteria will create plaque over your teeth and gums as they feed upon the sugar. The sticky structure of sugar creates an acid bath for the teeth by staying in the mouth for a long time.

It is beneficial to avoid consuming foods that can damage your teeth by causing sugar and acid in the mouth. Cleaning, attention, and care are indispensable for oral health.

White Bread

While it may appear innocent at first glance, bread can prove surprisingly nasty for your teeth, which makes it one of the foods that can damage your teeth. When your saliva contacts starch from the bread, it will break the starch down into sugars. Sugars, in turn, are the favorite food for bacteria, which feed upon them to create plaque and acids.

Bread also tends to turn into a paste-like consistency when mixed with your saliva and chewed. This paste-like form makes it very easy for it to stick to your teeth, and go deep into crevices between your teeth, lingering there for a long time to do its damage.

Sticky or Hard Foods

Sticky food, especially if rich in sugar or acidic content, can be hard to clean off the surface of your teeth. Some foods that can damage your teeth are hard candies, chewy things, pastes, jellies, and jams. They cause bacteria to grow and create plaque and acids over your teeth.

Teeth are weakened due to improper care and frequent consumption of harmful foods; they can outright break or have chips and cracks.


Ice is a fairly hard substance, and chewing on hard things is not recommended for the health of your teeth. Chewing on it stresses teeth enamel unnecessarily and can potentially lead to cracks or chips on your teeth, or even straight-up broken teeth.

It is fine to use ice cubes to cool your drinks, but not chewing on them can save you from looking at ways of getting rid of toothache! Ice isn’t a food to chew, like foods can damage your teeth.

Dried Fruits

Dried fruits may seem like a very healthy snack, but in truth, they may spell doom for dental health, especially when consumed directly instead of as an ingredient in another meal. The way they attack your teeth is two-fold. First off, they are hard and chewy, and they stick to your teeth. Then, there is the fact that they are quite heavy in sugar content.

Sugary, acidic bits of fruit stuck on and between the cavities around teeth are trouble, to put it mildly. We should be aware of the fact that healthy snacks also can turn into food that can damage your teeth.

How to Protect Your Teeth from Harmful Foods

As always, good oral and dental hygiene is your first and foremost defense as staying away from foods can damage your teeth. However, there will always be nooks and crannies between the teeth that you may need help to reach, even with excellent dental care. Therefore, it is also important to visit your dentist regularly.

Regular dentist visits will lead to early diagnosis of any developing issues and cleaning of plaque and parts of your teeth you may not regularly be able to clean.

It is easier and better to prevent problems in the first place than getting rid of toothache. Following proper oral hygiene practices and having regular checks with your dentist will keep your teeth healthy. However, avoiding the foods that can damage your teeth, or at least minimizing their consumption, is also beneficial for your dental health.

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