Why are Dental Implants Best Tooth Replacement Options? 6 Great Features

Why are Dental Implants Best Tooth Replacement Options
Why are Dental Implants Best Tooth Replacement Options

Dental implants have always been among the best tooth replacement options, but now thanks to their most current advanced versions, we can confidently say they have become unbeatable.

When it comes to replacing missing teeth, usually the following will be suggested by your specialist: Dentures, dental bridges, and dental implants. However, dental implants offer advantages that bridges or dentures cannot do.

Dentures are an old-fashioned method for tooth replacement, and it is also high-maintenance. Bridges, in some cases, can work out fine as well as implants, but the main difference between them is that an implant can function just like a natural tooth for its structure is fused firmly within the jawbone, while bridges are only supported by neighboring teeth. This indeed makes dental implants more of a body-part-like solution, therefore a far more effective option regarding functionality.

Functionality is not the only benefit implants offer; there are many more to make it a top-notch solution. Among the many advantages of implants, below are the ones that make them stand out among the best tooth replacement solutions.

BEST tooth replacement opt?ons for long-term oral health

The best artificial replacement to mimic a natural tooth, a dental implant is mostly preferred for the below assets.

Closest to the Natural Tooth

A dental implant does not only “look” like a natural tooth, as a crown that can be as part of a bridge, or today’s denture solutions. Just like a natural tooth is firmly and securely attached to the jawbone, an implant goes into the jawline as well. This does not only provide mechanical abilities regarding chewing and eating, but also contributes significantly to the overall oral health.

Such comfort will also enhance your overall confidence, since implants enable you to chew, smile and speak confidently and naturally. They will never move or slip like traditional dentures would often do.

With all its advanced features, implants not only work their way to being the best tooth replacement options but also contribute to your health, looks, and confidence altogether.

The Longest Lifespan

Among other options, a dental implant is usually the longest-lasting tooth replacement solution. They are designed to last a lifetime, as long as the patient is mindful of their oral habits.

What made dental implants build up its way among the best tooth replacement options is that it is a great investment for long-term oral health since they last for good.

Improves Bone Tissue

In our expert opinion this is one terrific aspect of dental implants. Technically speaking, bone loss eventually leads to tooth loss. Your teeth have other functions than chewing or eating, they are the components that stimulate your jawbone. Why is this vital? The bone tissues in our body need constant stimulation for self-restoration and rejuvenation, and teeth also serve for this.

Having artificial components that act as their natural equivalents, the part we can call as the “screw” will stimulate the bone tissue around the lost tooth. Other than implants, even the best tooth replacement options cannot provide that.

In this sense, we can confidently say dental implants become the exceptional option since they not only cover for the missing tooth but also prevent future bone deterioration, therefore contribute to long-term health.

Successful Case Rates are High

Especially when you are traveling from abroad, it is totally understandable when you strive for the top one among the best tooth replacement options and not leave things to chance.

Dental implants have an over 95% success rate, and if you are generally in good health the chances increase.

Cavity-Free Material

Doesn’t it sound amazing to have a prosthesis that looks, acts, and feels just like your old natural tooth, but without having its one and only unfavorable feature? Yes, we are talking about its natural tissue that can decay. Other artificial teeth need to be cared for against bacteria from building up since they are prone to decay. However, the firm and durable material of the crown part of an implant, due to its nature, is not capable of decaying!

This does not mean you are free to neglect your daily oral care routines, though! Even the best tooth replacement options require rigorous hygiene habits! Let’s get there.

Maintenance is Easy

Applying special ingredients, doing extra daily routines – none of them are necessary for maintaining your dental implant. You just need to take care of it as you would do with the rest of your teeth. Regular brushing and flossing are enough to keep an implant clean.

You will also never need a root canal or filling, these are other troubles with natural teeth. However, these altogether does not spare you from getting gum disease around your implant. So proper care is extremely important for keeping your implant healthy.

All of these assets render its place stronger among the best tooth replacement options, and we believe it will stay the same way for many years to come.

Choose your opt?on with our profess?onal gu?dance

Here at our dental centre in Turkey, we offer several types of dental implant solutions as part of the best tooth replacement options. So if you are an overseas patient looking to have all on four dental implants or all on six dental implants in Turkey, you are at the right place.

Still having trouble making up your mind? Smile Team Turkey is a dental clinic with extensive experience and expertise in a vast variety of dental treatments. From the least invasive smile makeovers to the most complex surgical interventions, our dedicated team of experts has accomplished hundreds of cases – both domestic and international.

Contact our experienced staff for further information and choose among the best tooth replacement options to achieve your dream smile.

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