Front Tooth Replacement: What are the 4 Best Options?

Missing front tooth does not have to be an embarrassment any longer! We offer the best tooth replacement options.

For adults, losing a front tooth can be a nightmare. It could destroy the social life, professional life as well as self-esteem of a person. So if a person loses a front tooth, they look for an immediate and accurate solution for their problem. Chipped, cracked, or removed front teeth can be really painful, and the image of yourself could be damaged too. After proper front tooth replacement by dental professionals, the patients do not have to bear this longer!

The first step is to make an appointment with your dentist. Your dentist will inform you about the options for front tooth replacement. The treatment options can vary depending on the situation of the front tooth and the seriousness of the problem. But your dental professional will guide you and make sure your smile and self-esteem will be fixed in the end!

Best Front Tooth Replacement Options

Most of the front tooth replacements do not need urgent and immediate care. Most of the situations are not considered emergency ones. But, if the tooth is knocked out totally, the dentists most probably will consider them as an emergency medical situation.

So if that happens, then you should seek immediately to see a dentist or preferably an endodontist 30 minutes after the incident. As a patient, you should try to preserve the moist area as well as the tooth. Dentists can save the original tooth and might fix it, even after one hour.

Depending on the situation, there are some best front tooth replacement options that your dentist might suggest as a procedure.

Dental Implants

If the patient’s front tooth has been totally knocked out, the dentist might offer a dental implant as a solution. Also if the root of the front tooth is also damaged, dentists are going to extract the front tooth and its root completely. Again the implant will be advised for this type of patient too.
You can find detailed implant post of ours through this link about the complications of the procedure. Though generally, the success rate of implants is very high.

In a few words; implant is made out of titanium and it’s a post that is screwed into the jawbone. This acts as a tooth or support structure of the false tooth which is fixed to the implant. Implant procedure is considered as dental surgery. So in order to have a successful implant, the patient must be in good health and the bone structure needs to have enough strength to hold the implant.

Also implant procedure is not an immediate treatment. For a single tooth replacement for a missing tooth, front tooth replacement procedure might take up between 4-6 months.


Bonding option can be used for patients with minor cracks on the front tooth. The rest of the tooth should be healthy in order to do this type of operation for front tooth replacement. This procedure is very minor, since it does not involve root canal or extraction.

The dentists use composite materials to make a molding in order to cover the crack or chip in the front tooth.Then they fix it to mimic the tooth enamel.

Bondings can be used for minor front tooth replacements and can last up to 10 years.

Fixed Bridge Solutions

Implants are single-holding tooth replacement options. They do not harm the adjacent teeth. Also the implant does not need any support from the adjacent teeth either.

But a dental bridge uses them as a supporting help to hold the new tooth in the place. Two adjacent teeth are prepared to stick together with the false tooth for the replacement of the missing tooth. They are less expensive than implant procedures.

Also, they look like a set of 3 or more teeth functioning together. They can be used for multiple front tooth replacements. Since the procedure is quicker and cheaper than implants, this is a good alternative for emergency cases in front tooth replacement.

So, in the case of multiple teeth loss, the very common patient concern dental bridge vs. implant becomes a reasonable thing to ask.

Partially Removable Dentures

Most of the patients think about dentures as full rows of teeth. But they can also be used as partial dentures where they fill the missing tooth. If the front tooth is knocked out or the dentist extracted it to make a room for new, partial dentures might be used. In this case, you do not have to remove all of your teeth to have a denture. Partial dentures are made and glued onto the gumline. Also, they are fixed with clasps to the remaining teeth in order to have support. But in the case of cleaning, they can be taken out to have the hygiene procedures.

Partial removable dentures are less expensive operations compared to the other options above. But that does not guarantee durability. They might not be as durable as the other options for single tooth replacements or multiple tooth replacements.

How to Consider Tooth Replacement Costs?

When it comes to tooth replacement costs, each option has its own price spectrum. But when comparing one another and thinking about the seriousness, the most expensive one is the implant procedure for tooth replacement. Implants are expensive solutions but they come with great durability. This might outweigh the cost of them.

Also when we look at the dentures and bridges, the bridge option for a tooth replacement costs more than dentures. Especially for people who are not suitable for implant surgery, they are advised to take bridge solutions, also cheaper in terms of cost. Partial removable dentures is the least expensive solution for a tooth replacement problem.

When you need a procedure for your front tooth replacement, the team at our dental clinic in Turkey will guide you and inform you about the options. They will carefully consider the situation of the tooth replacement and how serious it is and how much immediate needs it requires. So according to these, you and your dentist will decide on the best.

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