Dental Veneers: Guide, 2-Step Procedure and Cost in Turkey

Dental Veneers: Guide, Procedure and Cost
Dental Veneers: Guide, Procedure and Cost in Turkey

Today more and more people have realized the importance of a beautiful smile. Your smile is what makes you noticeable the moment you enter a room or stand out in a social gathering. No wonder most patients reach us in seeking for a nice Hollywood smile, which has become a buzzword to describe a mouth that is both healthy and aesthetically eye-pleasing. Since they are a prominent treatment option for achieving a smile makeover, we will be featuring a guide to dental veneers in this article, from many aspects. How is the procedure for a dental veneer? And how are the dental veneer costs in Turkey? Let’s dive in.

Where Dental Veeners work the best

Dental veneers, “laminate veneers” is also another way to call them, are minimally invasive treatments with great results. Both in the aesthetical and physical sense, dental veneers can address many dental problems you might have. Let’s take a moment to see what they are.

Revitalising the Enamel

A veneer is a permanent solution for covering tooth imperfections. You could be perfectly following the necessary oral care routines – domestic or professional ones – and still having issues with the color. This is not an unusual thing, for some patients are frequent consumers of highly acidic drinks or sugary food, or are used to over brushing their teeth, or might have acid reflux disease and the acid reaching the teeth might simply be damaging the enamel.

In such cases, dental veneers are great cures for enamel erosion.

Treating the Gaps Between Teeth, or Other Unusually Shaped Teeth

Sometimes a tooth can be smaller than an average one or may have an unusual shape like pointed teeth. You might think such factors are ruining your smile.

Or you might have uneven spaces or a large gap between your upper front teeth. These issues are not only about aesthetics, they can also cause physical discomfort. Noone would want food remains getting stuck in these gaps, for instance.

Concealing Stains and Discoloration, and Chips

You tried teeth whitening but are still suffering from discoloration? Do you tend to hide your teeth while smiling or eating in public because it makes you uncomfortable?

Dental veneers are exceptionally effective for treating severe and uneven discoloration of the tooth surface that cannot be fixed, even with whitening.

Veneers are applied to the front side of your teeth, so any cracks, chips, minor misalignments will be concealed once they are applied. Of course, they will still be present beneath, but they will not be visible from the outside. So they will not be the factors to worry about regarding your picture-perfect smile.

For major orthodontic issues you might have, our dentists will not prefer applying veneers but will inform you about what exactly you need.

2 APPOINTMENTS for gett?ng dental veneers

To start the first stage of getting dental veneers, our dentists will firstly remove a small amount of enamel from your tooth, so there will be room for the veneer shell to be mounted on safely. Then they will take an impression of your tooth, and it will be sent to the laboratory so your veneers can be produced.

At the second appointment, shortly after your veneers arrive at the clinic, our dentists will try them to see if the shape and coloration are perfectly fitting. If they pass the test, meaning you are ready to have them fixed, our dentists will clean your teeth thoroughly. This is an extremely important step since we do not want any decay-causing element beneath the veneer, that is a long-lasting fixed component.

Finally, they will be fixed with a dental cement, and ultraviolet light will be applied to harden the cement fast. Soon, you are ready to go!

Some d?sadvantages

This Is a Permanent Solution

Thus, an irreversible one. However, it is a matter of getting enough information and the right kind of consultation beforehand. Our team at Smile Team Turkey will provide you with the necessary information. Later, you will get to decide which type of treatment is the most fitting for you. The preliminary appointment will help you see whether you are a good fit for veneers, the type of veneer, and how many you will need.

In case you are a fit, your dentist will shave down a necessary amount of tooth enamel so later the veneer will fit on your tooth surface. This means your tooth structure is being changed for good. This is why you will need to think about getting an irreversible intervention or not. In the end, any procedure, minor or major, come with pros and cons. Making a decision with the proper guidance is what matters.

You Might Experience Sensitivity

Especially right after the procedure, most patients reported having increased tooth sensitivity after getting veneers. In fact, in the first days after the procedure, it is an expected side effect. Especially when consuming hot or cold food or beverages, you might experience that nasty feeling, however, it usually fades away. Still, there are products specially designed for handling tooth sensitivity, so we don’t think it is a major issue to discourage you from deciding on veneers.

Another Costly One That Is Not Covered by Insurance

Like many other cosmetic dentistry procedures, dental veneers are usually not covered by health insurance. And if the number of veneers you need increases, it brings a larger burden on your budget. But you do not need to worry.

As much as this is a disadvantage, it is one of the many reasons we have a wide portfolio of international patients. Offering the best dentistry at affordable prices, Smile Team Turkey eliminates this item from the disadvantages list for you.

cost of dental veneers ?n turkey

For the detailed costs of dental veneers we offer in our clinic, kindly check our page: Laminate Veneers in Turkey

Here at Smile Team Turkey we are a dedicated team of professionals, committed to fulfilling our patients’ dream smiles at affordable dental costs in Turkey.

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