5 Reasons to Start the New Year With a Dental Check-up

5 Reasons to Start the New Year With a Dental Checkup

Have you made an appointment to see the dentist? Making and keeping regular dental checkups is essential. Unfortunately, many individuals find going to the dentist unappealing, so they avoid attending and convince themselves it’s okay.

Now is a wonderful opportunity to call a nearby dentist and schedule an appointment if you haven’t gone to the dentist in a while. Maintaining your health requires that you visit the dentist frequently.

You can always visit your dentist for a simple teeth whitening. But let’s look at other reasons you should book an appointment for it.

Oral Cancer Detection 

The most important reason for a dental checkup is probably oral cancer detection. If you are at risk for oral cancer, you must visit your dentist often so you may get screened for the condition and keep an eye out for its early warning symptoms. Although you might not think you’re in danger, every year, more than 51,000 people are given an oral cancer diagnosis.

Unfortunately, the 5-year survival rate is just 64% because of late identification. According to estimates, frequent dental visits can help in the early detection of 80% of new instances of oral cancer. Do not forget that dental checkup is not only for a smile makeover, but also to detect diseases. You can book an appointment at our offices if you suspect you are at risk of oral cancer.

Prevent Gum Disease

Gum disease can irritate or inflame your gums if not addressed, frequently leading to bleeding and swelling. To stop more serious gum disease, our dentists should treat your gingivitis as soon as feasible. For your dentist to treat your gingivitis, do not forget to book an appointment for your dental checkup.

At least 50% of people have gum disease, although it is avoidable. Although it’s the main reason for tooth loss, the infection’s side effects might also impact your health. Regular checkups with your dentist enable them to see early indications of gum disease and provide you with the prompt treatment you require to enhance your dental and overall wellness.

You risk developing periodontitis, a more serious gum disease, if you don’t get your teeth cleaned regularly.

Since periodontitis cannot be reversed, detecting gum disease early on is essential for a good recovery. Regular dental checkups allow us to monitor your gums’ health and assist you in developing appropriate oral hygiene practices to shield you from gum disease.

Early Intervention Lowers Out-of-Pocket Costs

Tooth decay and abscesses are two dental issues that regrettably do not “heal” or “recover” with time. Instead, they evolve and infiltrate the neighbouring teeth. Treatments transition from simple repairs to more involved or rehabilitative procedures as they grow more aggressive.

In other words, a modest, reasonably priced dental filling will be enough to treat a cavity in the present. However, ignoring the deterioration might develop into a complicated root canal and a dental crown a few months later. To prevent this issue, visit for dental checkups regularly.

Early detection and treatment, thanks to dental checkups, avoid unwanted dental issues before they have a chance to arise. Your total dental care expenditures decrease as a natural outcome. By scheduling the appointment near the end of the year, you may quickly minimize your out-of-pocket expenses by using unused dental benefits.

Limited Scheduling

Many families are attempting, like yours, to utilize the final of their yearly dental benefits. As a result, there is a “mad rush” in December to make it to the dentist while there is still time. It may be a little more difficult to acquire that “straight after work” appointment for your teeth whitening if you have a pretty strict schedule than it was earlier in the year.

Thankfully, the holidays are helpful. It is easier to fit in that last-minute dental checkup without adjusting your schedule when you have additional time off school or work. The secret is to call our dentists as soon as possible while there are still openings! The earlier you contact us, the more probable you may get your smile makeover before New Year’s Eve.

Look For Any Cavities

Don’t put off visiting the dentist until you’re in excruciating agony. Your upcoming dental checkup is ideal for your dentist to spot cavities in the earliest stages.

Prevention is the key to maintaining the health of your smile. Cavities often don’t hurt while first developing, but your dentist can still find them during your visit. In this manner, you may have them addressed before a toothache makes your day miserable. Additionally, you could save money by filling your cavities rather than waiting for them to worsen, necessitating a more expensive operation like a root canal.

Cavities can lead to serious health issues, including abscesses or even life-threatening bloodstream infections if left untreated.

To screen for cavities and assist you in maintaining good dental health, we advise all of our patients to visit us for a dental checkup at least twice a year.

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