The Difference Between Hair Transplantation and Implantation

The Difference Between Hair Transplantation and Implantation


It’s possible that your hair loss has nothing to do with your hair care routine. Male-pattern baldness, a congenital disorder induced by sensitivity to Dihydrotestosterone, is responsible for 94 percent of hair loss in males (DHT). DHT-sensitive hair follicles become stunted and eventually incapable of producing hair, resulting in baldness. You should know the difference between hair transplantation and implantation before deciding on one.

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While the choice to reclaim your hair may not be tough, how you intend to reclaim your hair is a different matter. Since the days of the toupee, advances in science and trichology have offered a plethora of new and exciting possibilities for regaining your hair. Moreover, permanent hair has become a popular option for many men. Understanding the difference between hair transplantation and implantation will help you make a more informed decision.

Implant VS. Transplant

Follicular unit extraction hair transplants are often known as FUE hair transplants. Hair follicles have taken one by one from one region of the body and transplanted into the scalp. They will grow thicker, healthier hair that is not only your own but also resistant to DHT and unlikely to cause you to go bald again. The hair will fall out at first, but it will regrow on its own.

The scalp is implanted with NIDO synthetic hair. It’s synthetic hair that’s dyed to match your natural hair’s color and texture and implanted into the scalp to mimic hair follicles. Because this is synthetic hair, the effects are instantaneous. Moreover, there is no need to wait for the hair to grow out. You should learn the difference between hair transplantation and implantation before deciding on one. The synthetic hair, in reality, never grows and stays at the desired length, even if it is clipped.

Recovery of Hair Transplant

Even though the operation takes place on two different parts of the body. The harvest site and the recipient site, FUE hair transplants are minimally invasive treatments. Both locations are relatively lightly injured, with only little puncture holes when the follicle is retrieved and implanted. There is a difference between hair transplantation and implantation that you should know.Bruising and swelling are common side effects of any invasive surgery. In less than two weeks, this will be gone.

Main Difference Between Hair Transplantation and Implantation

Although the terms “Hair Transplant” and “Hair Implant” are frequently used interchangeably, there is a significant difference between the two procedures. One of the difference between hair transplantation and implantation is that Hair Transplantation Artificial Hair is used in this approach. An implant is a medical device that is designed to replace or function as a biological structure in the body.

A hair implant is a biocompatible synthetic substance that is used to create artificial hair. Despite the fact that Hair Implants can provide good results in the short term. The body eventually expels the foreign element, causing the implants to fall out. Fiber is lost at a rate of around ten percent every year on average. Furthermore, a prior allergy test is required, and even if well tolerated, it will always necessitate extra attention: with chlorine pools, colors, the haircut choice because it is an artificial hair fiber that does not grow, and so on.

Difference between Hair Transplantation and Transplantation?

Hair from the patient is used in the procedure. It avoids the possibility of being rejected. There are many difference between hair transplantation and implantation. Transplantation is the surgical placement of an organ, tissue, or blood product from a donor into a recipient. When they’re transplanted into another person, it’s termed a heterologous transplant.

When they’re transplanted into the same person, it’s called an autologous transplant. Hair transplantation is an example of autologous transplantation, while cardiac transplantation is an example of heterologous transplantation.

Aftercare After Hair Transplant

When the scalp has healed, you can resume your usual hair care regimen, including brushing and style. There is a difference between hair transplantation and implantation. To limit the possibilities of rejection and infection, NIDO synthetic implants require more rigorous treatment. There is a (small) danger that the hair will be rejected by the body because it is synthetic and foreign to it.

Although rejection is uncommon if all of the appropriate protocols are followed, post-operative care is still critical to avoid infection. The collagen-based Hair NIDO implants are chemically attached to the natural hair. It prevents microorganisms from invading the scalp. However, the scalp might get unclean, which can lead to illness.

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