The Advantages of Teeth Whitening

The Advantages of Teeth Whitening
The Advantages of Teeth Whitening

Who wouldn’t want an amazing Hollywood smile with sets of sparkling teeth? Well, we believe anyone would. However, the easiest solution to come to mind, teeth whitening has always raised concerns. Is teeth whitening safe? How long will it last?

Let’s have a look at the teeth whitening facts in order to avoid unnecessary anxiety.

Types of Teeth Whitening systems

Tea addict? Smoker? Even if you are not one of them, you might suffer from stains or discoloration on your teeth fronts.

However, teeth whitening is not a suitable technique for everyone, and the only way to understand this without hurting your teeth is by visiting your dentist. For the optimum decision, your dentist will determine if you are a good fit or not.

Still, there are other decisions to make. Today there is a variety of options when it comes to teeth whitening. Firstly, we can sort the basic teeth whitening systems in two.

At-Home Teeth Whitening Systems

Some patients would prefer at-home methods. Among the common methods are using whitening pens, whitening toothpaste and whitening trays.

We should beware of the low-quality cheap products, though. This is the risk with these products – they are easily accessible at store or pharmacy shelves, and one might be tempted to reach for the budget ones.

In-Office / Professional Teeth Whitening Systems

As part of professional oral care, our clinic Smile Team Turkey offers professional teeth whitening treatments. You can get results quickly with teeth whitening treatment in Antalya.

Professional laser treatment is not only affordable at our dental clinic, but comes with high-tech equipment and world-class quality standards.

What are the advantages of Professional teeth whitening?

Boosting Confidence While Enhancing Looks

Obviously, aesthetics and confidence. A picture-perfect and healthy smile is a great complementary to your overall looks. Also, when you are comfortable with how you look, research shows it has a positive impact on your self-confidentce, thus mental well-being.

And a self-confident person does not only feel more comfortable in social life, but also demonstrates a stronger attitude in any professional setting.

Reinforcing oral health

Getting rid of stains is not only about looks, it leads to healthier and stronger teeth. This is not only part of your health in the broader sense, but also a good way to keep track of your oral health.

Your specialist also might notice something more than what only looks like a surface issue, and detect decay or more deeper issues.

Express and Effective Results

Whitening pens are usually the choice of patients who want immediate results. They can almost be last-minute solutions where you need a quick makeover for an unexpected or unplanned occasion. However, the results are not long-lasting.

For the whitening paste, the results become visible gradually. With consistent use, you will eventually reclaim your stainless teeth, however, for the discoloration, it is not the perfect solution.

As for the in-office teeth whitening, results are not only immediate but also durable, which also contributes to the overall maintenance easier.

some things to keep in mind

Even if you are at professional hands, there are some areas of concern: Your gums, teeth and dental restorations like crowns or fillings. The type of treatment you choose, and the way you practice them have impacts on whether you will experience issues in these, or not.

How so?

If the bleach somehow touches your gums, it might cause irritation. If the concentration of the bleach is high, it might cause the irritation to be greater. Specialists take measures to protect your gums before starting the treatment. As much as it will heal on its own, it’s better to do it the professional way.

This means, with at-home bleaching, you need to pay extra attention to the directions that will come with your bleaching kit. Still, it’s a relief that the bleach concentration of domestic bleaching products are usually lower than the professional ones.

As for your teeth, misuse, or not paying enough attention to prescriptions might leave your teeth vulnerable afterward. Because a common side-effect of teeth whitening is tooth sensitivity. Overuse of whitening strips, for instance, will not only have effective results but also might cause sensitivity.

Restorations are another matter. Tooth-colored fillings or crowns, since they will preserve their own color, will prevent you from obtaining your desired results from teeth whitening. Physically, they are no obstacles for the treatment, however, they can be distinguished from the rest of your flashy teeth afterward.


Let’s think of the extreme case, say, you are not able to use any of the teeth whitening systems. Still, no need to worry, you can still have options. Our professional team will examine your oral condition and suggest alternative options. In such a case, bonding or veneers could be your thing. Maybe need a total makeover? Check our blog on a full set of veneers.

Do you feel your case requires more? Contact us for any questions to come to your mind.

Smile Team Turkey is a premium dental clinic in Turkey. We help our patients receiving their most fitting and affordable dental treatments. Our vast variety of services include dental implants, dental veneers, dental crowns, smile makeover packages, all-on-4 and all-on-6 procedures and professional teeth whitening with laser.

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