Tips for Finding Your Dental Centre in Turkey

Dental Centre in Turkey

Dental tourism has gained a lot of popularity in recent times. Many people are visiting Turkey to get their dental problems treated by some of the best dentists and surgeons, that too for affordable prices. But, the challenge is to find the right dental clinic in Turkey. There are a few ways in which you can decide on the dental centre for your treatment in Turkey.


The reviews on the website usually don?t mean a thing. You need genuine and authentic reviews shared by real people who have got dental treatment from that particular?Dental Centre in Turkey.

Facebook Reviews is one of the best review validation systems available on the internet. You can easily check if a person and his review is genuine or not.

Google Business is another method of checking if the reviews are genuine. It will help in assessing the local reputation of the clinic. Since Google automatically translates the local language to the preferred language, it is easy to read the reviews.

Video Reviews can hardly be fake. You get to see the person, after all. Check YouTube for video reviews by patients and for the YouTube channel of the dental centre.

Before and After Pictures:

Every dental clinic has a gallery of before and after pictures with the details of the treatment and the date. There could be videos showing the various stages of the treatment and how the patient?s teeth look at the end.

If the website of the dental centre doesn?t have any before and after pictures, it is best not to contact them, no matter how cheap/ affordable their services are.

The images on the website can no doubt be faked. You can ?reverse search? on Google using the image to see if it was posted elsewhere. Check the date of posting to assess which one is original and which one is fake.

Staff at the Dental Clinic:

Dental Treatment in Turkey is provided by reputed and experienced dentists and surgeons. But it is easy to claim that their doctors are all highly experienced.

Look for the names and biographies of the dentists on the website. Search for their profiles on other medical website directories. Dentists are certified and licensed. Their names should appear during the search.

Stay away from dental tourism companies that claim to be dental clinics. Ask for the list of their doctors and technicians. If they don?t respond with the required information, know they are not trustworthy.

Details of the Clinic

Pictures, videos, and information about the clinic are crucial. Check the website, social media pages, and other platforms for such details.

What kind of equipment do the clinics have? How do they provide treatment? Are they willing to share more information?

Again, reverse search on Google to see if the pictures on the website are genuine. Ask as many questions as you can think of and check for consistency in the answers provided.

Charges and Hidden Costs

When Finding Your Dental Centre it is important to pick a reliable and ethical clinic. If any offer sounds too good to be true, ask about the services and treatments that are covered for that price.

Don?t be happy when they say ?all services?. Ask what ?all? means and cross-check with the treatments provided by other clinics. Ask which material they use for crowns and implants and do your research.

Apart from the above, check the location of the dental clinic in Turkey. Choose the one located in the city.

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