Electric Toothbrush vs Manual Toothbrush

Electric Toothbrush vs Manual Toothbrush
Electric Toothbrush vs Manual Toothbrush

Advancing technologies have made our lives easier in many aspects. Related tech products are now utilized in a wide range of activities, that take place in our public spaces, workspaces, and homes. Don’t be surprised – this applies to our oral care routines too. Today we are able to add technological devices like an electric toothbrush to our daily oral health activities. However, there has been an ongoing debate: Electric toothbrush vs manual toothbrush – which one is better?

Studies from the last decade have proven the effectiveness of using an electric toothbrush. Let’s have a look at some statistics to ensure it is a globally acknowledged fact as well. According to a poll by Oral Health Foundation, which is a British foundation operating globally, almost half of the British adult population are currently using an electric toothbrush.

Electric toothbrushes are practical and fun devices. They come with a variety of sizes, shapes, colors, and design elements in general. Especially the size and shape varieties serve for different dental issues and oral health necessities. For example, if you have sensitive gums or weak tooth enamel, you need to pay attention to not putting too much pressure on them while brushing. So, a powered toothbrush with pressure sensors could be a good fit for your needs. There are numerous models that come with this feature, and many other features designed for other issues.

Still, the basics should not go missed. All technological advancements aside, the foundation of your oral health is your brushing habits. Whether you are using an electric or manual toothbrush, you should follow the basics when it comes to daily oral care. Anything else is extra.

Effectiveness of Electric Toothbrush vs Manual Toothbrush

Electric and manual toothbrushes are both successful in removing plaque, and both have their own benefits. Yet, electric toothbrushes are proven to remove more plaque and reduce gingivitis by significant rates, when compared with manual toothbrushes. With this in mind, let’s take a moment to compare the major differences of using an electric toothbrush vs manual toothbrush.

Electric Toothbrush vs Manual Toothbrush Costs

Costs have always been a prominent drive in our buying decisions, but in our era of overwhelming life constraints, it is far more important. Therefore it is understandable that many patients choose to go for the cheaper option. Also, since it is necessary to replace toothbrushes every 3-4 months, you could reach for the budget manual toothbrush shelf, as it will be the first thing to come to mind.

Electric powered toothbrushes used to belong to a higher price segment. Today they are far more accessible and affordable thanks to a variety of model options, that can suit different budgets. In addition, there are models with separable brush parts. This way, it is easy to replace the brush, as you would do with your manual toothbrush. They will still be more costly to replace than the manual ones, though.

Ease of Use

It is obviously the automation that makes the electric toothbrushes stand out among manual dental care products. Many people like the comfort of it, because it does the action itself. Some prefer it for more comfort, especially amidst everyday chores and hassles, while for some others it is more of a necessity. Especially for patients with mobility, an electric toothbrush acts as a boost for life quality.

Think of someone with arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, or any disease/disability that would prevent them from doing wrist moves, or have difficulties while doing so. Doing the repetitive brushing action for 2 full minutes, at least twice a day, is not a minor chore for them. Moreover, the act itself can make their condition worse. Leaving the work to the rotating brush, without sacrificing oral health, should be a great comfort for them.

As for kids, the ease of use feature of an electric toothbrush could be an advantage too. Parents would already know that it is sometimes tough to teach kids healthy oral habits. They tend to get bored easily because of the 2-minute brushing duration, or simply they are reluctant to do chores.

In such a case, they can find it fun to use an electric brush. Just make sure to choose the right size for your child so that it can fit with their mouth and be easily moved back and forth, reaching the back of their teeth properly.

Overall, the automation seems to beat the conventional when it comes to comparing comfort with electric toothbrush vs manual toothbrush.

Cleaning Varieties

Both products today come with various bristle options (soft to hard), handle designs (both for the fun and shape which is for fitting in the mouth), colours, etc.

However, additions for an electric toothbrush uses the technology advancements, which makes the device “higher” tech. This may involve timers to watch your brushing time, sensors to let you know if you are brushing too hard, a Bluetooth connection to keep track of your activities, or oscillating/rotating/pulsating technologies.

With a manual toothbrush, the advancements are limited within the conventional context. This means you won’t be likely to find “digitalized” options as much. This does not necessarily mean you cannot have a fully healthy mouth this way. It is just that you need to rely on your own research, bodily effort, and awareness to benefit from most of the functions electric brushes provide. No machine or program does them for you, but you are in charge.

To sum up, with the vast variety of options in the market, you can still choose the best manual toothbrush for yourself and keep a healthy oral routine.

Remember, you still need to floss whether you are using an electric or manual toothbrush.

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Electric toothbrush vs manual toothbrush – both are doing their jobs, as long as you are sticking with your daily routine and following the techniques properly. They both have their advantages and disadvantages in keeping your mouth clean and decay-free. With the superiority of electric toothbrushes in decay and gum issues prevention, you can still do fine choosing both. Decide on the parameters that matter to you most, on the basis of your lifestyle and necessities. Looking for more professional oral care tips?

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Also remember, even when a Hollywood smile is what you’re desiring, the first step is to keep your mouth clean. For more advanced smile makeover solutions – we cover them too.

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