Dental Caries in Adults

Dental Caries In Adults

Cavities are not just something that happens to kids. The fact that most people have formed excellent brushing, flossing, and treatment routines is the major reason they are less common in adults. However, dental caries in adults are still common and should be taken seriously. If you’re worried about cavities right now, here’s a fast rundown of everything you need to know. 

What is The Cause of The Dental Caries in Adults? 

Cavities are produced by bacteria in your mouth getting out of hand and creating acid that eats away at your teeth’s enamel (surface). Teeth are tough, but too much damage over time will eat right through even the toughest of teeth. Fillings or implants are your sole option at that point if dental caries in adults are still a problem. If you are considering getting implants or dental crowns, Smile Team Turkey is just for you. With affordable prices and professional dentists, we can provide you with the best treatment at the best price. 

Cavities can also be induced by other types of tooth injury, such as eating acidic meals or experiencing tooth damage while participating in sports. Basically, everything that causes pain to your teeth increases your chance of dental caries in adults. 

How to Prevent Dental Caries in Adults? 

The best technique to avoid dental caries in adults is to use a multi-pronged approach. Brushing and flossing your teeth twice a day, making sure to get all the way up and down, is the most crucial thing you can do. Because bacteria hide at the roots and between the teeth, a mere surface clean isn’t enough to keep cavities at bay. 

Next, consider the influence of your nutrition. Tooth decay can be caused by foods heavy in sugar, carbs, and acid. This isn’t just restricted to candies and sodas. Any item that contains these ingredients, even if it’s ostensibly ‘healthier’ choices like fruit juice, can harm your teeth. 

Finally, go to the dentist for cleaning and preventative maintenance on a regular basis. Fluoride varnishes, for example, can help strengthen your teeth and make them more resistant to decay. It also cleanings can help you get rid of any germs you might have missed. Regular examinations can also help discover tooth decay before it becomes too bad, cutting down on treatment time. 

Adult cavity prevention isn’t something you should do every few months. Rather, it should be a part of your daily routine. Dental caries in adults are significantly more likely if you don’t practice everyday prevention. 

The Most Common Causes of Dental Caries in Adults 

Adults can obtain cavities in a variety of ways. The most popular are as follows: 

Nutritional Deficit 

Tooth decay can be caused by a diet heavy in acids, carbohydrates, and sweets. Bacteria, for instance, don’t need hours to digest any sugar you put in your mouth; they can digest it in seconds. When you bite into an apple, bacteria may be preparing to emit acid by the time you remove the fruit from your mouth. This is why you should clean your teeth as soon as you finish a meal. 

Tooth Grinding 

The majority of people who grind their teeth are completely unaware of it. Grinding is typical when you’re sleeping and when you’re under a lot of stress. The major issue here is that, like bacteria’s acid, it may wear away the outer enamel of teeth. Dental caries in adults can occur quickly once the stronger outer layer has been removed. Grinding may be treated easily because of the availability of bite protectors that can be worn while sleeping. 


Several medicines cause dry mouth as an adverse effect. Your saliva acts as a mild mouthwash, cleaning and repairing your teeth, so if it’s taken away, you’re at a far higher risk of dental decay. Because you may not be able to quit taking the medicine, you’ll need to pay additional attention and seek other ways to safeguard your teeth. 


Because dental decay has had so much more time to develop, time is one of the most important variables in developing cavities. Improper dental hygiene, receding gums, and the overall influence of heredity on your mouth are all factors to consider. 

Avoiding the Dentist 

Some folks simply despise going to the dentist. Perhaps they have painful recollections, or perhaps they despise drilling… Regular dental examinations and cleanings, on the other hand, are an important element in avoiding dental caries in adults. If you’re worried, simply tell your dentist, and they’ll do all they can to make you feel better. 

Adult cavities can strike at any age, so keep your dental hygiene up to date at all times. It is important to develop and follow an effective dental regimen on a regular basis. Contact Smile Team Turkey today for more information! 

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