Hair Transplant In Turkey

Hair transplantation is the most long-lasting and natural method of providing new hair to those who are experiencing hair loss.

Hair loss is a frequent condition that affects both men and women and is caused by a variety of factors, including stress, illnesses, medical treatments, and genetics. While some of these causes are transient or reversible, many people have permanent hair loss. It may lead to difficulties with self-confidence, self-esteem and lower your morale. Men and women with baldness or thinning hair might benefit from hair transplant in Turkey. Hair transplant in Turkey has a number of benefits. In this article, we will explain hair transplant in Turkey with all details.

What is Hair Transplant?

Hair transplantation is the most long-lasting and natural method of providing new hair to those who are experiencing hair loss. Hair transplantation involves implanting the patient’s own healthy hair in places where he or she has lost hair. There is no hair loss in the location where the hair is removed. Hair transplantation allows patients to reclaim their own hair for good, as if they had never lost it before. In hair transplantation, our goal is to provide the patient a natural hair look while pleasantly using current medical methods.

How is the Hair Transplantation Done?

Hair transplantation entails extracting tiny punch grafts from the hair-bearing scalp. These grafts are then implanted to an area of the scalp that is bald or thinning. The grafts created in this manner come in a variety of sizes and forms. Around 10-15 hairs are generally present in round-shaped punch grafts. Slit grafts comprise four to ten hairs apiece and are placed in slits made in the scalp. Strip grafts are long and thin and include 30-40 hairs.

To attain adequate fullness, many surgical procedures may be required. Several months recovery period is suggested between each operation. With a full transplant series, it might take up to two years to see the ultimate result. The amount of coverage you’ll need is partly determined by your hair’s color and structure. Hair that is coarse, gray, or light-colored provides more coverage than fine, dark-colored hair. The number of big plugs implanted in the initial session varies from person to person. However, the average is around 50. The number of mini-grafts or micro-grafts each session might be as high as 700.

The “donor region” will be cut short just before surgery so that the grafts may be readily accessible and removed. Punch grafts are done by punching the spherical graft out of the donor site using a special tube-like instrument made of sharp carbon steel. The doctor will cut small portions of the hair-bearing scalp with a knife for other types of grafts. Those will be split into smaller sections and implanted into tiny holes or slits within the scalp. To maintain adequate skin strength after grafts, the doctor may inject tiny quantities of saline solution into the scalp regularly. Stitches can be used to close the donor site holes. The sutures are generally hidden by the hair around them.

The grafts are spaced about one-eighth of a centimeter apart to ensure good scalp circulation. Additional grafts will be used to fill up the gaps between the plugs in subsequent sessions. When removing and placing grafts, your doctor will take great care to ensure that the transplanted hair grows in a normal direction and that hair development at the donor location is not harmed. The scalp will be cleaned and wrapped with gauze when the grafting process is over. For a day or two, you may need to wear a pressure bandage.

Where to Have Hair Transplant in Turkey?

Turkey is one of the best hair transplant countries in the world. Turkey is physically positioned in Europe and in the center of Asia, many people have easy access to the region. During hair transplant in Turkey, doctors prefer the FUE method. Because it causes less discomfort during recovery, leaves no visible scars, and allows for a faster healing time. Furthermore, no surgical blades, staples, or sutures are used during the operation.

The Turkish people, who are known for their friendliness and generous hospitality, have entertained numerous visitors and tourists throughout the years. Turkey provides a fantastic opportunity to take in the views of historic landmarks or cities throughout their recovery process. Hair transplant in Turkey is much cheaper than in other countries in Europe. While having a hair transplant in Turkey, you can also have a vacation

Smile Team Turkey is located in Antalya, Turkey. Antalya has the most touristic and scenic landmarks in Turkey. Smile Team Turkey has hair transplant experts with years of expertise and access to cutting-edge technologies and treatment procedures. All in all, if you are considering a hair transplant in Turkey, it has various benefits. It is budget-friendly and specialists of hair transplant in Turkey have years of experts to get on with the procedure with ease.

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