Immediate Dental Implant in Turkey

Immediate Dental Implant in Turkey
Immediate Dental Implant in Turkey

Dental implants are the ultimate solution for missing tooth replacement. If you are missing a single tooth or two, most probably your dentist will recommend dental implants. They are not only products of cutting edge dental technology, but also the best substitute for human teeth in terms of the way they feel, look, and function. Bringing the dental tech even further, immediate dental implants today enable the patients to walk out of the clinic with their implants done, and a temporary crown placed.

However, not all patients are suitable candidates for immediate dental implants. Let’s see the facts with immediate load dental implants vs traditional implants, so we will have a better understanding of when immediate dental placement is convenient, and when not.

what are ?mmed?ate dental ?mplants?

An immediate implant, in terms of its material, final look and functionality, is no different than a traditional implant, with the distinction like its name suggests – it is placed right after the tooth extraction procedure. This requires a few conditions fulfilled, but looking at the dental implant basics will help us understand what an immediate dental is.

Traditional Dental Implants

A dental implant is an appliance consisting of a titanium screw, an abutment, and a crown. The screw goes into the jawline after a piece of the bone is drilled out. It acts as the load-bearing structure that will carry the abutment. Finally, the crown, which functions as the tooth body, is placed onto the abutment.

The overall process requires a surgery, and a healing process, and the tooth prosthesis installation.

This is the very basics of how an implant is done, and for further info you could check out our blog about dental implant steps.

Dental implant technologies offer varieties regarding the number of missing teeth. While the structural principle stays the same, the duration of treatment and extra features vary for these other types. The most common types are full mouth dental implants, including all on four dental implants and all on six dental implants, and they became the top treatment options that have drawn the majority of our international patients from all continents until now.

Let’s get back to the single dental implants. Having covered the very basics, we can confidently say a traditional dental implant, or delayed implant in other words, refers to the treatment time while everything else is the same.

A traditional implant involves, just like its name, the traditional process: the tooth extraction, healing, implant surgery, healing, and the crown placement. This usually takes several months.

Immediate Dental Implants

Immediate dental implants, no surprises here, are placed immediately after the tooth extraction. With this procedure, you are spared months of healing time and several surgeries or interventions.

Oral Condition necess?t?es for Immediate Dental Implants

So, how would we know we are a good fit for immediate dental implants or not? Well, the essential items are as below:

General Health of the Mouth

This topic is not just about the oral health of the patients, whether they have an ongoing infection or not. It involves whether they have awareness in oral care basics, and their oral hygiene is sufficient.

A traditional implant can be applied to patients with poor oral hygiene, whereas immediate dental implant placement is not advised for them. It is risky since the procedure can affect the jaw bone, as well as periodontal health, which refers to the status of gums and surrounding tissues regarding inflammatory diseases. These risks are directly linked to the quality of the osseointegration process that is vital for the implant installation. Osseointegration, as you could assume from the vocabulary, is the bonding between the titanium screw and the jaw bone.

Aesthetics – Where is the Missing Tooth Located?

It is understandable and normal when a patient prefers immediate dental solutions. Specialists will be more likely to also agree on an immediate solution if the missing teeth are your front teeth, or another place that is too visible.

However, if aesthetics is no concern, it is the safest to opt for the delayed dental implants.

The Condition of the Jaw Bone

How much bone grafting is necessary? This is the main question with the jaw bone integrity.

If the specialist observes a significant need for bone grafting, which means your bone is thin or low density, the traditional implant method could be a better option. While an immediate dental implant placement with bone grafting is not significantly different than traditional implants, an implant’s stability, whether it is immediate or delayed one, is lower if it is done with bone grafting.

Another concern here is how the tooth extraction may result. If it happens without a trauma, meaning nothing has happened to heavily affect the gums, surrounding tissues, or other parts of your mouth, then you could be a candidate. The more invasive the extraction becomes, the less suitable a patient is for the immediate implant. Trauma involves cutting of the gums, partial removal of bones, etc.

In such a case, it will definitely mean the procedure demonstrates high risk, therefore should be avoided.


If you are not a candidate for immediate implants, you can still be one for delayed ones – if your jaw bone allows it. Even if you are not a candidate for the delayed treatment either, dental bridges or dentures can cure your problem. There are still plenty of options available for you. A dental centre in Turkey, Smile Team Turkey is offering diverse options for dental treatments.

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