Dental Crowns: Purpose, Procedure, Complications, Cost in Turkey

Dental Crown
Dental Crowns in Turkey

Thanks to constant developments in dental technologies, there are usually several types of procedures that your dentist might consider for a single case. You might need a visit for a routine work, or something more invasive, then options will multiply. Procedures like teeth whitening, fillings, or bondings are easy routines now, but don’t worry! Even the more complicated procedures are now easier, and more common. Dental implants or full package smile makeovers are, indeed, another thing – they will require planning and post-procedures for sure. But dental crowns, with today’s tech, are also considered minor routines now.

You can easily get one, and the best part is you will get to save a significant amount by choosing it if your dental condition does not require a fundamental treatment but more of a cosmetic one.

Where do Dental Crowns Work the Best?

Dental crowns are often needed, and one of the main reasons they became so common is that they come in several forms, serving several functions. Before making a decision for the types of dental crowns, consult with your specialist, and discuss their functions. Still, let’s go through the basics a bit.

Dental Crown in a Nutshell

A dental crown is basically a “cap”! In the shape of a tooth, this cap completely covers the tooth, restoring its shape, appearance and function. The market offers several material types for dental crowns, but we will get there in another section.

Dental Crown 2
Basic demonstration for a dental crown

Who Would Need Dental Crowns?

Crowns are basically part of a tooth enamel repairment approach for discoloration and sensitivity. They work perfectly for cases when:

  • You have a discolored tooth that does not have any fundamental issues like a massive damage or infection
  • You have cracked adjacent teeth that need support, like a cover to hold them together in place
  • You have a decayed or damaged tooth you have treated, but still need further care because the damage might have left it vulnerable to some level (this applies to teeth with root canals, or dental implants too)

As you can see, it would not be fair to call dental crowns 100% cosmetic dentistry, for they not only cover the appearance aspect but also address the weakness in teeth. Still, they are now done as easily, so compared to other procedures, we sort them as simple routines. Coherently, the procedure is hassle-free.

Dental Crown Procedures

Getting a crown usually takes 2 clinic visits in total. But first and foremost, your dentist should evaluate the condition of your tooth to see if it is suitable for trimming. The trimming is necessary for replacing the crown.

What defines the suitability of your tooth here? For instance, if you have a deep cavity touching the nerve in your pulp, you cannot get the trimming right away. You will need to start with a root canal first, to ensure you won’t have trouble after the crown is cemented.

Another common condition is sometimes the patient’s original tooth does not surpass the gum line, meaning the dentist will have to build a foundation first with fillers so that the crown will have a resting place.

Then, you’re all set! Here starts the dental crown procedures that usually take 2 visits to the dentist’s.

Day 1: Trimming and Impressions

The dentist will shave down your tooth to make room for the crown. Later, they will take impressions to be sent to our laboratory, where your final crown will be designed and manufactured. Meanwhile, you will be using the temporary crown your doctor places on your tooth on the very same day.

Day 2: Final and Fixed Placement

The temporary one will be removed, and you will be trying the permanent one until you feel comfortable with it. Once we ensure it feels right from all aspects, we cement it onto its carefully prepared place.

DENTAL CROWN compl?cat?ons

Crown treatments are generally hassle and pain-free, but this doesn’t mean they don’t need proper care for life. Plenty of dental crown complications can happen later on, in days, even in months after the procedure.

Common dental crown problems involve sensitivity or looseness after getting your crown. If you notice any when you bite something, it may mean the crown needs a quick fix ? don’t hesitate to contact us then.

Another common one with the “porcelain fused to metal” crown is a dark, thin line next to gums on the treated tooth. It’s completely normal, however if the appearance bothers you the crown should be switched to another material.

Color mismatch could count as a complication, but a minor once since you can notice it in the Day 2 step above, and decide with your specialist.

And decaying! Getting your tooth crowned, unfortunately, is not a permanent solution against decay. Remember to stick with your daily oral care routines to maintain your gumline health and oral health in general.

DENTAL CROWN costs ?n turkey

Smile Team Turkey is a team of professionals dedicated to providing domestic and overseas patients with the most advanced dental solutions at affordable prices. However, affordability does not mean we compromise with our service quality! Our clinic only uses top-notch technologies and FDA approved material and manufacturers that are common in both the UK and Europe. Getting services from Smile Team Turkey, therefore, you will know you have made a safe choice whatever your condition is.

Usually, the main variants in crown costs in Turkey are the crown materials. Depending on your condition, our dentists will suggest materials, as there are several types of crowns:

Dental crown materials
Dental crown materials

Porcelain Fused to Metal Crown:
Aesthetically average, but resiliency works out fine.
Porcelain Fused to Zirconia Crowns: Aesthetically excellent, and resilient.
Full Ceramic Crowns: The results are aesthetic and decent, but they are not as durable as the above option (PFZ Crowns).

Full Metal Crowns: Not aesthetic at all, yet, resiliency is extreme and functionality is spot-on.
Gold Crowns: This highly resilient material is, unfortunately, not close to aesthetics by nature. As old-school as it is, still a top choice for some patients who prioritize functionality on top of everything.

For a full guide on dental crown costs and understand what else adds to the final amounts, check our page:

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